Trip to Isolation Island 

      This past weekend I took the plunge and went on a trip whist the world seemed to crumble around me. I had a friend ask me awhile back, if I would want to go camping on Santa Rosa Island with a small group. I obviously had my hesitations... I mean we are in the midst of a global pandemic. What if someone needs to reach me for an emergency? What if someone traveling with us starts experiencing symptoms? Do I really want to have to explain myself to everyone, as they will have judgements on how and why I…

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Emotional Isolation  

Over 4th of July weekend I went into emotional depths that I haven't been able to reach in the past fews months while in quarantine. Reflecting, I wonder if the timing of finally being cleared of Covid-19 had anything to do with my reception to openness. When the pandemic began we were told the best thing we could do to protect ourselves was to isolate. Looking back I realize in many ways I allowed isolation to not only take a physical form but an emotional one as well. Was this due to the fear of not…

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      This past week has been a lot. It's been a tipping point for most people in this current climate. Between the pandemic reshaping how we live our day to day, to the civil unrest that is happening across the country, in the wake of social Injustices reaching a much needed boiling point, many have been left feeling overwhelmed. For me this was no exception. I also had a few major personal shake ups happen that contributed to to my stress fountain to overfloweth. 

      I began to feel unwell and thought…

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Mourning Potential 

      From a young age were told we have "all the potential in the world". Why do people say that? What is it about potential, that makes it seem so essential to instill in us in our fundamental years. We carry the idea of potential in ourselves, our relationships, in our environments, in the way that we work out our bodies and our minds. But most of the time it never meets the expectations, or once we do meet the expectation we had, we have the innate desire for more. 

      This time at home, while in…

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The end of my own negligence 

      This past week a movement began, or continued I should say. A movement that has been snowballing for decades. In the midst of the protests and riots for social justice for black lives it made me start to really examine and reflect on how I need to be better. What can I do that will impact the deep rooted racial problems and create change. It starts with taking a long look at myself and acknowledging what I have done wrong, how have I contributed to continuing social injustices and what I can start…

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Emmy Nominee! 

       First off, welcome to my website and blog! This is my first post and I could not dream of a more exciting announcement. This past weekend I unexpectedly found out I was nominated for a daytime EMMY award for my costume design work on the Netflix Show, Eastsiders. 

       I worked on the fourth season of the show back at the end of 2018. I came on as wardrobe after working in this same role for a couple films earlier in the year. This was my first experience working in television in this role. Let me…

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