Emmy Nominee!

       First off, welcome to my website and blog! This is my first post and I could not dream of a more exciting announcement. This past weekend I unexpectedly found out I was nominated for a daytime EMMY award for my costume design work on the Netflix Show, Eastsiders. 

       I worked on the fourth season of the show back at the end of 2018. I came on as wardrobe after working in this same role for a couple films earlier in the year. This was my first experience working in television in this role. Let me tell ya, TV is much different. It varies in the realm of pace and the actual style of working, especially for the crew. I was so excited to work on a show that has an emphasis on various queer representations and storylines.  This also made for the wardrobe and design to be so much more interesting and stimulating. It felt like the sky was the limit. We were so fortunate to get to work with an amazing LA based clothing line "Mr. Turk" that has the most eccentric designs you can imagine! The most stressful part of the job wasn't dealing with 30+ big actor personalities( in fact that was my favorite), or the tailoring/making sure we had something to fit everybody but it was keeping track of the clothes loaned to us. I carried around over $25,000 worth of pieces in my car and home for over a month. This is the part that no one really prepares you for when you enter this world. It was so eye opening and I'm so grateful for the opportunity because that is the only way you learn, by being given the chance and doing.

      The show premiered about a year after filming in December of 2019. It was the final season of the show and the reception was excellent! It was so thrilling to see all the hard work pay off. The show had been nominated for various awards in the past but it had not occurred to me that it would be this year. I think because of COVID-19 and how the industry has truly come to a stand still, it just was not something on my radar. I also have never been a part of a project on this scale where it could be a part of something of such a high caliber. 

      I'll never forget the moment I found out. Kevin walked into my room while I was working on some music and says, " Are you nominated for an EMMY?" so nonchalant... I laughed, and with a blank stare said, "no". He then said that Eastsiders had been nominated for 8 awards and costume design was one of them. My heart started racing and I was simply so confused. I hadn't heard from the producers yet  and didn't want to get excited without confirmation. I went on Facebook and saw the posts, read the articles, and the nominations list. I then messaged the producers and paced for a solid 10 minutes until I heard back confirming I was indeed nominated for my work. I dropped to the floor and just ugly cried. I was in shock. I called me mom and she thought something horrible happened because I just was crying. I eventually was able to get out that I had been nominated and she was ecstatic. She said something very sweet that I will never forget, she said, "This is wonderful but it's only the first of many". I have been very fortunate in my life to have support from my mum and so many others along the way. This moment means so much because I share it with everyone who has helped me get to this incredible milestone in my career. 

     There has been many lessons during this time in quarantine, one of them being that you can never really prepare for something. I had dreamt of a moment like this ever since I was five years old  dancing around in a leotard. Being recognized on a national level for my creative work. I had always pictured mentally being prepared and aware that it would be potential possibility. That I would go to bed one night knowing that the next morning I would wake up and eagerly listen to the names being read. I had always thought it would be in the field of acting as well, never imagining that my passion for clothing and design would lead me to my dream being fulfilled. That is the power of yes. Being open to other opportunities and not confining myself to one box or mold has lead me here, has lead me to place in my career where I can officially say "Emmy Nominee Trevor Dow". WTF!!

Welcome to the next chapter and thank you for your support!